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Support The Channel

Do you believe in the mission of the Thoughtful Faith channel? Has it helped you or others?  Below are ways that you can get involved and help either by financially helping us expand the quality and quantify of the content or in ways that are not financial. 

Why Support The Channel? 


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Become a patron of the show and make a difference

Please know that your donation will go ENTIRELY toward hard channel costs to produce more and higher quality content focused on fulfilling the mission of the channel. Cameras, Lighting, Travel, Hotels, Editing, Distribution etc etc all cost money and I can only do so much myself. All revenue and expenses will be disclosed annually so you can be sure your donations are going toward fulfilling the mission of the channel.





On Time Donations Via Venmo: @ThoughtfulFaith 
Financial Disclosure: CLICK HERE

Contact: with any questions


Volunteer Positions Available

General Admin: Spend 1-2 hours a week helping the channel with various administrative tasks and projects. 

Paid Positions Available

Content Distributor: Spend 1-3 hours a week making clips and distributing them on instagram, tik tok as well as ensuring longform espisodes are distributed via podcast channels. Estimated Pay: $200-300 per month. 

Become A Channel Contributor

Do you want to share your content with the thoughtful faith audience? We are currently looking for others who can contribute to the channels mission either via video or written content. 

Be A Guest on The Show (Or suggest a Guest)

Do you know someone who would be a great guest on the show? Would you like to be a guest on the show? 

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