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Cosmological Musings

So as part of my come follow me studies I am explore possible cosmological models that are consistent with our scripture. Reading Moses 1:36-38 its seems to indicate that not only "this earth" but "the heavens" we currently experience will pass away.

I think "the heavens" in the context of this universe could rightly be seen as the current "local universe" we are part of. 1828 Websters Dictionary: HEAVEN, noun hev'n.

1. The region or expanse which surrounds the earth, and which appears above and around us, like an immense arch or vault, in which are seen the sun, moon and stars. I think Moses 1 gives hints toward a multiverse cosmology in which the Big Bang was the emergence of our "local universe" from another sphere of existence. Anyway, I put this out there so you all can slam it down if it's a bad idea. Big Bang science is very compelling and I think it needs to be accounted for in LDS cosmological models. With that said please note these are just musings and ideas that I very likely will revise and change with time and greater study.

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May 20, 2022

How awesome is this, when you put the Godhead at the center of your Cosmological Musings graphic.

Although the world can have but one Christ, from one of your guests, I learned throughout cosmology, there is room for more than one. He also informed me this doesn't mean a theology of a continuous chain of Father-Son-Grandson relationships, where the Son becomes the Eternal Father to the Grandson Christ. There can only be one Eternal Heavenly Father.

The physical universe and the Book of Abraham and the words of Joseph Smith allows musings in each of us concerning other worlds. If other worlds, then other instances of agency, partaking of the tree of knowledge, other Falls, and other Redeemers. Unless Jes…

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