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D&C 132 Translation: Eternal Marriage


Section 132 was a revelation Joseph Smith had written down in 1843 so it could be given to Emma during a particularly rough point in their relationship as she struggled with plural marriage, which she had earlier accepted. Section 132 was not a revelation Joseph Smith ever made public during his life. Instead it was made public after his death in 1852 when the saints were safely in Utah. This is because the chapter clearly admits that plural marriage was being practiced in the church and also because the revelation dealt with deeply personal situations between Joseph and Emma. The revelation was not officially canonized until the year before Brighams death in 1876.

The historical record indicate that Joseph received verses 1-50 earlier than 1843 in response to questions he had about polygamy in the Bible. These verses would have been given in the early 1830s during the rush of revelations Joseph received while translating the Bible. Records seem to indicate Joseph had memorized this revelation and may have had recited it (or at least its principles) to people who he privately introduced the practice to. The second half of the revelation (which should be it’s own revelation) was likely in response to Joseph’s specific situation in 1843 where Emma and Joseph’s marriage had hit a low point.

Section 132


1-4 Joseph, because you have asked me about polygamy in the Old Testament I will explain this matter. But prepare yourself because anyone who has this law revealed to them by me must obey it. Therefore I will reveal to you a new and eternal covenant which is required to enter into my glory but if you or anyone rejects it they will be halted in their eternal progress.

5-6 Anytime someone wants to have a blessing they must obey the law connected with that blessing and these laws were instituted before the world was even created. This new and eternal covenant is one of those laws.

Eternal Covenants and Marriage- An Answer to Josephs Questions About Matt 22:30

7 The conditions of this law is that all agreements made between mankind that is not made by my authority and power by those who have the proper priesthood authority (like Joseph Smith now has) and that is not sealed by my spirit for this life and the next does not carry over into the afterlife.

8-12 How can I accept agreements that you made with each other that I was not made party to? All men come to the father by me via the agreements I make with them which are given as laws and covenants. Remember that my house is a house of order.

13-14 Temporal things and agreements will not remain when I come again. The only thing that will remain are the eternal things I was party to.

15-17 Therefore if you marry someone without me sealing it for eternity then it is not in force after this life. And those who are not married after this life will not have the same kind of eternal life as those who are married. These single individuals will act as ministering angels. They are saved and are part of the celestial kingdom but because they are not married they cannot be Gods and continue the creative process because they did not conform to the natural eternal law necessary for doing that.

18- So again to reiterate. If a person does get married and they want it to be forever but they do not do so under the power of my priesthood into an everlasting marriage covenant that marriage is just an agreement between them that I was not part of. Therefore it cannot last eternally. The gods and angels that guard the way to the celestial kingdom will not allow passage to those who have not entered into the required covenants. Gods house is a house of order.

19-20 But those who do enter into an eternal marriage covenant made under the power and authority of my representatives and sealed by the Holy Ghost, will inherit all that God has and (unless you commit murder) you will be enabled to live the same kind of life God lives. You will become part of the eternal creative process and thus will be Gods.

21-25 Don’t forget that unless you obey the laws needed to have this type of life you cannot have it. Eternal life is a life in which you eternally are involved in the creative process that generates new life. The process God is involved in. Few people find this path because they reject me in life but if you come to know me and follow me this is where it leads. Most people simply fall into the process of death, while I lead people to a process of eternal life and creation. This is why I say to everyone, "receive my law".

26-27 However just because you are sealed does not guarantee all of this. If a person is sealed in marriage but does not abide the commandments they are stopped in their progression and cannot have the sort of life God has.

Answers To Joseph's Questions About Biblical Polygamy

28-31 I am the Lord and I will give you the laws which were ordained by myself and the father before the world existed. Abraham received all of this and gained his exaltation. He was promised to be part of this creative process both in a temporal sense in the world and in the afterlife. This same promise is extended to you Joseph.

32-40 So go and do as Abraham did and enter into this eternal marriage covenant and polygamy or you can’t receive what Abraham received. God commanded Abraham to do this and Sarah gave Abraham Hagar in order to fulfill that law. Were they wrong in doing this? No, because I commanded it. God also commanded Abraham to kill his son even though God said “thou shalt not kill”. He was willing to obey and this was the right attitude. Abraham Issac and Jacob and many others all took on additional wives and they were not doing anything wrong as long as I commanded it. Joseph I have told you to restore everything and polygamy is one of those things.

41-43 I know you asked about adultery. Remember that if a man marries a woman and she is already with another man then it’s adultery and you will suffer the consequences. Anytime someone has sex with someone who they are not married to (either by me or not) they are committing adultery. 

44 However if a woman is chaste and worthy then and this is confirmed to you Joseph by my spirit, then you can take her and seal her to another chaste and worthy man in eternal marriage and they have the opportunity to join in my way of life.

45-49 I have restored all my authority to you Joseph and through that authority I will restore all things and make known to you all things in due time. Whatever you seal on earth by my authority will be sealed eternally in heaven even in matters of sin. Those who reject your authority are reject me and those who accept your authority accept me. Joseph, that which you do on earth that is in accordance with what give to you will be blessed and full of my power and will not be condemned on earth or in heaven.

50 Joseph I am with thee now and through eternity and I seal your exaltation upon you. I have seen your sacrifices and will forgive your sins. I will make a way to escape your sins just as I did for Abraham.

Commandments to Emma.

51 - 57 And now I have a commandment to give to Emma. She is not to partake of divorce as an option I commanded you to give to her as ultimately I was just testing her faith like I tested Abraham. Emma is to accept the worthy women given to Joseph and those who are not worthy will be cut off from me. I am God and have commanded these things so Joseph and yourself can be exalted. But if she does not accept the women given to Joseph then Joseph can divorce her and I will bless him regardless with exaltation. So again I ask Emma to forgive Joseph his trespasses and she will be forgiven hers and I will bless her as well. And Joseph should retain his property in case and enemy comes and kills him. Satan is trying to destroy Joseph but I am with him.

58-60 Now as it relates to the priesthood there are many things related to it. If a man is called of God and set apart by the laying on of hands and received they priesthood keys, if he does something (like engage in polygamy) per my instructions he is not sinning. No one should be going after Joseph over this. I have justified plural marriage and he will make the necessary sacrifices to repent of his transgressions.

61-62 So if under the priesthood authority a man get married and wishes to marry another, and the first is ok with this and the woman to be married is worthy then he is justified in marrying her and this is not adultery. Even if he has 10 wives by these means it is not adultery. 

63 But if one of these women who are engaged or married to the husband have sex with someone else then she has committed adultery and will be cut off from God. This is because they were supposed to create a family and have children as per my law and commandments from before the world was created. The purpose of which is to bring others into the divine life of ongoing eternal family relationships which is the life of God and the exalted.

64-66 If Joseph who holds these keys has taught these things to you Emma then you should believe and work with him or you will be cut off from God and Joseph will continue the practice of plural marriage and won’t be bound to rely on Emmas consent as Abraham had to get the consent of Sarah. This is my law and will reveal more later but this is sufficient for now.

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