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D&C 89 Translation- The Word of Wisdom

A revelation given during the early meetings of the church in Feb 1833 in response to their chewing of tobacco during their meetings which left a mess for Joseph's wife Emma to clean.

(1-3) The following word of wisdom is given to the leaders of the church and all church membership. It’s not being given as a commandment but rather revealed advice that will help you understand how God wishes you to order things in temporal matters. It is given as a matter of principle that promises great blessings and has been adapted to a lower standard so that anyone in the church should be able to follow it.

(4-9) I am giving you this warning in preparation for the coming of evil plans in the hearts of conspiring men. The advice is that wine and liquors should not be drank by my people except for when you come together for the sacrament. And even then this should be grape juice, not fermented wine. Alcohol is not fit for consumption but is given to you for washing and cleaning. Tobacco also is not to be ingested or inhaled or used on your body but is to be used for other purposes like livestock healing by those who understand these things. Coffee and Tee also are not good for you.

(10-17) However the plants and fruits of the earth are given to you for to use wisely. Also meats of animals is given for you use but should be used sparingly and only used on winter or when food is scarce. Grains are to be the main component of your diets both your you and animals. Animals should only be used for food during times of excessive hunger. All grains are good for mankind though wheat is best for man and other types may be best for animals or for making mild beers. (18-19) Those who keep these commandments will be physically healthy and will be equipped with the mental vitality to come to know things others cannot know. They will be physically strong and early death will be avoided.

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