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D&C Section 93 Translation: The Nature of Reality.

Context: Only 3 years after the church's founding the work was continuing rapidly as the saints were beginning to settle in Missouri with a vision to setup a Zion community there. In the Spring of 1833 Joseph (who had just turned 27) had finished his translation of the New Testament and began working on the Old Testament. In addition, the School of the Prophets had been having meetings all month so lots of theological ideas and speculation were floating around. The saints also were getting ready to build a temple. In this context the following revelation came to Joseph.


The Nature Of Christ

1-5 Everyone who gives up their sins through me and obeys the commandments will see me and know me. I am the light that allows you to see the truth nature of reality. The father and the son are on the same level of being. I am called the father because I am God like him and live on that level of being, but I am called the son because I came into the world having an experience like all of you. 6-18 John was given the chance to see the true nature of reality and he described it with the following testimony. He said, “In the beginning was the word, because Christ was the one with the message of salvation, the one who brings reality to light, the one who created the world but who also became mortal and dwelt among mankind. Christ was not fully exalted while he was on earth, he was fully mortal, but he also had to progress as well and that is why he was called “The Son of God” instead of simply God. But in life he did this and the Spirit of God was with him and God proclaimed that he was his begotten son. But I also testify that he now is fully celestially exalted and has entered into the same level as the Father”.

19-22 To all listening, know that you too can enter into the same level as the Father and me. I am telling you all this so you know how to worship and what to worship because through that process over time you will be able to come onto the same level as God. This is the process of progression as you align yourself with his commands. I am Jesus Christ who was at creation with the Father am like the firstborn son of the Father, an example to all Gods Children, the one appointed to execute his will on earth. It's through me that you are reborn into my kingdom known as the church of the firstborn.

The Nature Of Reality

23-28 Truth is the way things really are. Truth is reality. I am the embodiment of proper alignment with reality which produces glory. The devil is that which does not align with reality and that is why he is called the father of lies. It’s impossible to align oneself with reality and receive a fullness of glory without obeying the commandments I give.

29-32 Man has always existed in some form and in the beginning was raw undeveloped lower state consciousness which existed prior to spiritually being begotten by God. Nothing, including consciousness, which acts as the light of reality, can be created or destroyed. God ordered all of creation by commanding all consciousness into order. Existence of the created order is predicated on free cosmic consciousnesses freely cooperating with God. This inherent agency in consciousness is the origins of mans agency and man is condemned when they fail to continue their cooperation with Gods created order. When raw consciousness is organized into a spirit child of God and then fails to cooperate with God that spirit is under condemnation.

33-35 When intelligence is begotten by God to make spirit which is what man is. Man is fundamentally spirit. When spirit is properly connected with materiality ultimate well being is possible, without it, it is not possible. Our bodies are as temples for God and are sacred and must not be defiled or else they cannot bear Gods spirit.

36-37 Gods greatness is found in his creative works (truth) in the substrate of consciousness (light and intelligence) because this work results in the creation of and expansion of ultimate well being which forsakes suffering and non being.

38-40 Every spirit child of God starts as innocent and can become innocent again through the atonement. But Satan works to rob them of virtue and joy pulling them out of relationship with God and one another through the ideas created by mankind. That is why I have commanded you to raise your children in love and to teach them true principles so they will not be deceived.

Commandments For Families.

41-44 But you <insert your name> have not taught your children and that so by default that means they will be under the power of the devil. You need to get your family life in order. There are many things you know you could do better. 47 <Insert your name> You have not kept my commandments, I am not pleased. Also your family needs to repent and listen to what you are saying.

45-46 You are all my friends and can have everything I have. I am sending you out to serve and save the world because I love them. 49 Pray always, and this will help keep evil out of your soul.

50 <insert your name> set your family in order. Go out and build the kingdom where I have called you to serve. Learn truth so that you know how to defend the faith and are not confused by the philosophies of men. Learn all you can of this world and of things beyond it. It all is part of your salvation.

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Nora Charles
Nora Charles
Dec 19, 2021

This was amazing!

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