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No, I am not Deznat. Let's not be dishonest

So in response to a recent video of mine Dr Julie Hanks has suggested that I am affiliated with Deznat. However, what she failed to share are these.

The reality is that when I first started seeing Deznat memes going around I found a lot of them hilarious... because some of the memes are very funny. But as time passed I found that many people in this movements were going way too far and lots of crazy people were involved. So while I have found some of their memes to be hilarious I have never claimed to be affiliated with them. I do share my content far and wide (including on the Deznat facebook page) as I try to proclaim the teachings of the church to all who will listen but as anyone who follows me online knows - I share my content on all sorts of group pages I don't agree with (Mormons Building Bridges, Millennial Mormonism, Woke Mormons etc) What Julie is trying to do is distract from the video I made by shooting the messenger. Personally I would like to have an open long form discussion with Julie. I think it would be great for us to clear the air and civilly clarify to all involved where we stand.

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