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Please Stop Comparing The Priesthood Ban and Prohibitions on Homosexual Behavior

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

Those who think that because the priesthood ban on sub saharan africans was lifted, that somehow means that the moral legitimization of homosexual behavior will also change, should take some time to consider the significant differences between the two.

And if they are right, perhaps they should take a minute to ponder what that says about the trustworthiness of their leaders, the scriptures and this entire enterprise.

Moral truths are moral realities. They are that which does not change.

If this enterprise is so unable to establish moral truth on such basic and fundamental level, but instead, are forced to change so often and so fundamentally, then it’s worth asking: Is the Church is a purveyor of Truth or a ball of play-dough that is being changed and shaped by the whims of social pressures?

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