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Screwtape: The Progressive Way

Dear Wormwood,

I heard someone say:

“If the BYU honor code bothers you that much then leave and make way for Latter Day Saints who want to attend”

We must remind our patients, that’s not the progressive way. The progressive way is to change institutions you don’t like rather than choose or form ones that you do. That’s what makes it so effective at corroding the institutions we want to destroy.

And remind your patients that if anyone opposes the changes... shame them by calling them intolerant, or bigoted or backwards, or out dated etc. Shame is a powerful tool. Create protests and public spectacles as often as possible to remind people that “times are changing”. TV interviews with our ally’s also are very helpful. Always leverage social pressure whenever possible. Even very strong people leave the tree with the enemies fruit when enough people point the finger at them from our great building.

Also don’t forget to use guilt to manipulate people’s emotions. Be sure anyone who opposes you remembers your victim status. After all, no one can attack a victim. The shield of victimhood will allow you to operate more aggressively and freely. Claim trauma whenever any minor thing happens and shame those who see through the tactic. Weaponize compassion and empathy toward your aims often as you can.

Lastly never relent in your efforts to undermine the authority of the enemies leadership. The moment they give more credence to the enemy leaders than to their current emotional state (which we are able to manipulate through media, shame and social pressure) it becomes very difficult to have much effect.

Good luck in your work with your patients the infection is spreading nicely. I commend you for your work.

Your Uncle, Screwtape

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