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The Oath and Covenant of The Priesthood- Section 84 Translation

In Sep of 1832, a little more than 2 years after the churches founding, the church was in full expansion mode. Kirkland was the current base of operations but Missouri had been named as the place where Zion would be established about 1 year earlier. The initial efforts to make that happen were in full swing. Missionaries were returning from missions and while gathered with some elders who had returned from their missions the following revelation was given through the Prophet Joseph Smith.


1-18 This is revelation from the Lord concerning the establishment of Zion and the building of a new Jerusalem in modern times. This new Jerusalem will be build beginning at the Temple lot in the state of Missouri. This new city will be built by gathering the saints together at the temple which will be built in this generation.

The history and mission of the priesthood.

It should be known that the priesthood Moses had came down to him all the way from Adam. Another priesthood went down through Aaron and his descendants, the Aaronic Priesthood. The Priesthood continues in the Church of God to establish his order. 19-28 The order of the Melchizedek Priesthood is the channel that allows us to come to know the true God, his power and enter his presence. Through ordinances Gods power is unleashed. Without the Priesthood or the ordinances this does not happen. Unless one is sanctified and prepared through keeping covenants they cannot bear the presence of God.

Moses himself was trying to sanctify his people so they could see the face of God as he had, to experience God as he had by bringing them up to a celestial level. But the people would not listen and so God was forced to take away the higher priesthood after the death of Moses and only leave them with the lesser priesthood. A priesthood designed to help prepare them for a higher level of being. This is the basic gospel of repentance, baptism, and the remission of sins and law related to basic commandments regulating human behavior. And this was the way it was until John the Baptist. John was baptized as a child and when he was only 8 days old was ordained by an angel to the higher priesthood giving him the authority to overthrow the lower order of the Jews and prepare them for the coming of Christ.

29-38 Elders and Bishops are offices of this higher priesthood. Teachers and Deacons belong to the lower priesthood. And they will come together like sons of Aaron and Moses and make a sacrifice in the temple. Through the temple and ordinances of the priesthood my glory will be upon my people. Those who are faithful in their priesthood duties and authority will be renewed physically and spiritually and purified. The will join with Moses, Aaron, Abraham and the elect of God in his kingdom. When people receive those who have my priesthood they ultimately are receiving me and through me can have all that the Father has and live on the level that he lives.

39-41 After all, This what the oath and covenant of the priesthood is about. If you received the priesthood you are receiving this oath and covenant. If you ultimately go against the vision and work of the priesthood you are fundamentally going against the work of God. If you knowingly and willingly do this after you have received the priesthood you have entered into sin which even God is unable to forgive. 42-48 But don’t run away from the priesthood God is trying to grant unto you. That does no good either. Instead be diligent in understanding the word of God and what he is trying to say. A holder of the priesthood is to live his life in accordance with the word, ,mind and will of God. Gods word is like a light to your very soul that leads and teaches you the way back to him and his level of being though the covenant relationships that not only exist for you but for the whole world.

49-59 The entire world is enslaved by sin and that’s why they don’t come to me. If you don’t know and follow my voice then you are not mine. The righteous are those who follow my voice, the wicked are those who do not. Your minds are lighted by me and have been darkened when you did not take seriously the things I gave you. Vanity and a lack of belief has brought the whole church under condemnation. And they will remain condemned to this darkened state until they repent and live according to the covenants and commandments which will manifest in positive spiritual outcomes in the church. I will not allow people to pollute Zion.

The call to build the kingdom

60-73 If you follow my instructions you will be blessed and forgiven as long as you take this serious both in mind and heart and bear your testimony to the world of the things I communicate to you. Go out into all the world or wherever I send you and be witnesses of me. You are my priests, my apostles and my friends. Anyone who believes what you say and is baptized will have their sins go into remission and will have the Holy Ghost. And the effects of this will be that they shall cast out devils, heal the sick, open the eyes of the blind, allow the deaf to hear, cause the dumb to speak, and poison will not hurt you. But remember that I command you that you do not boast at all thinking its because of your own greatness. And don’t go parading miracles in front of those who won’t understand. Miracles are for your personal benefit. 74-79 And those who refused to be baptized will be stopped in their progress and can’t come be on my level of being. You must go and preach to all people and call out the evil in their hearts. You are to go forth just like my original apostles relying upon the support of those who hear you to bring this message to the world. 80-86 And anyone who takes this Gospel out to the world and is faithful to me will have a fountain of spirit and strength in their mind and their body and will be fed in the deepest of ways. So don’t worry about all the little details, they will work themselves out. Don’t even worry about what you will say, just take in my words and spirit into your heart and you will be given what to do and say. Moving forward don’t take with you money and goods but instead rely on the support from the people.

87-94 I am sending you out to call out the sins of the world and what consequences await if they don’t change course. If someone receives you, they receive me and will be rewarded. I will be with you on all sides, my spirit will be in your hearts and angels will work all around you. And those who are unwilling to join in this work are not my disciples. This is a litmus test. And those who reject you, wash your feet as a sign that they have rejected you. But search diligently for people willing to hear your message 95-102 It is a tragedy when people reject me for they will suffer because of their wickedness. They will suffer plagues until my work is completed. When that work is completed all will know me and know of this work to redeem Israel and bring about Zion. 103-105 And those who go out to preach and get money gifted to them, if they have a family they should use it to support them as per guided by the spirit. But if they don’t have a family they should give the money to the Bishop so that it can be used by the church more generally. But if people give you goods take them and use them.

106-108 When going out to preach match up the strong with the weak so that they can compliment one another. Also use those of the lesser priesthood to set appointments and do administrative tasks. This is the way my original church was organized.

109-116 So everyone should take their place in this priesthood order and the leaders should not feel they are better than those they lead as they all are part of the same body and needed to do the work. It's when we all do our part that the church functions and its mission can be accomplished. The Melchizedek priesthood should be outward facing in its ministry while the Aaronic priesthood should be focused inwardly on ministry to the church itself. And the bishop should administer to the needs of the poor and work with those of means to ensure they give to those in need and he should handle the temporal affairs of the church.

117-120 So go forth into all the cities and towns and help the world to see the consequences of sin and the blessings of righteousness in clarity. The laws of God describe how all things will be shaken that are not built upon truth. The power of my truth is being extended to all the world and eventually all will see it and I will reign.

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